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FordPass Pro App

Discover a smarter way to get to where you’re going, an easier way to move through your day and have complete control of your journey.
With FordPass Pro you can do all of this from your palm of your hands.

For Commercial Vehicle users FordPass Pro helps you look after up to five business vehicles, with tools to help you keep them healthy, secure, and running smoothly. Using the FordPass Pro app you can check the health of your vehicles, get alerted if issue arise, and even access your vehicle remotely.



FordPass Pro

Stay Connected

You may have one connected vehicle or five. Each and every one is a key member of your team.

FordPass Pro is a no-nonsense app, designed especially for business owners like you, to help you look after your vehicles. Keep them healthy, secure and running smoothly, so you can focus on work.

The built in modem keeps you connected with your vehicles, wherever they are.

In App you can see your vehicles location on a single map, and you can switch between vehicles to see their current status.


FordPass Pro

Take Control

Not sure if you've locked your vehicle? With the FordPass Pro app you can remotely lock and unlock your vehicle to make sure everything is safe and secure.

If your vehicle is an automatic, you can even start the engine from the app for those cold early morning starts.*

Can't remember when your vehicles are due a service? FordPass Pro will alert you with maintenance and important date reminders.

Call roadside assistance with a couple of taps (charges may apply).


FordPass Pro

Get Alerted

The FordPass Pro app can alert you to issues with your vehicles, such as engine coolant over temperature, and anti theft indicators.

Tyre pressures and fuel levels can be checked in app, so you know when to top them up

If your vehicle is a diesel model, AdBlue levels can be monitored so you can schedule a fill up.


 * Please ensure that Remote Start is only used outdoors in a well ventilated area and the vehicle is under supervision




Watch the videos on how to get started with
FordPass Pro™ and activate your Modem



Ford PassPro

Watch the video to find out how more on the features and benefits of the Ford PassPro app



Enabling Your Modem

Learn how to enable your modem to take advantage of all the connected features of your Ford PassPro app.