Meet your match: the best plug-in Hybrid, small hybrid or electric SUV


Today’s electric and hybrid cars allow drivers to go for greener options without compromising on performance. As technology increases efficiency, power and range, the newest models are now comparable to petrol and diesel-fuelled models – but without the same negative impact on the environment.

If you’re new to electrified cars, it’s worth taking a few minutes to familiarise yourself with what’s available. Let us guide you through the latest Ford hybrid and electrics – from mild hybrids with electric-assisted engines to reduce CO2 through to fully electric models that cut emissions completely. All come with the latest in navigation systems, digital dashboards, hands-free technology and smart driving assists. Below we’ll help you discover the model that matches your needs to deliver your ultimate driving experience.

Ford Puma mHEV: The hybrid in disguise

All-electric range: 0 miles

Great for:  Fuel efficiency and lower emissions, with all the power of a pure petrol or diesel drive

Sleek and compact, the Puma is one of the best small hybrid cars around. As a mild hybrid (mHEV), it’s comparable to cars powered only by a traditional engine and is therefore one of the cheapest hybrid cars in the Ford range. Electricity never drives a Puma completely, but instead supports it with Ford’s award-winning EcoBoost engine.

The hybrid powertrain assists the main engine for exceptional fuel efficiency, resulting in lower emissions and reduced fuel costs. Driving modes for different terrains and conditions optimise performance even further for up to 51 MPG (miles per gallon).

Mod-cons like front massage seats, heated steering wheel and Active Park Assist, wrapped in an SUV-style exterior, make this model an excellent companion for any journey. If you’re looking for a seamless switch to the hybrid experience with a car that doesn’t need charging, the Puma is it.

On the road from: £21,645

Ford Mondeo HEV: The executive hybrid

All-electric range: 1-2 miles

Great for: Seamless urban driving in style and comfort

The Mondeo’s classic exterior contains an effective hybrid system designed to reduce emissions in traffic or stop-start driving, while providing power any time you want it. It’s ideal for daily urban driving and capable of meeting weekend needs, with a 51L (4-door) or 62L (estate) petrol tank delivering up to 50 MPG.

The electric engine powers the car when pulling away and at low speeds for up to two miles, with the petrol engine then taking over. The Mondeo doesn’t require charging from an external source – the battery is recharged by the traditional engine and through regenerative braking. Its sleek aerodynamic design reduces wind resistance to improve fuel efficiency even further.

Customisable interior lighting and automatic temperature control maintain comfort across the cabin, while an array of useful features keeps everyone connected. 4G WiFi connects to as many as 10 devices, interior power sockets allow on-the-go charging, and a SYNC 3 digital dashboard connects to Apple or Android phones to show information from your mobile on the touchscreen display.

On the road from: £26,045

Ford Kuga PHEV: The do-it-all

All-electric range: 35 miles

Great for: Adventures near and far

If you’re ready to unlock the full power of a hybrid, the all-new Kuga is your perfect partner as one of the best plug-in hybrids around. Its sizeable battery gives you emissions-free driving for up to 35 miles on a full charge – enough for short to medium commutes, day-to-day errands and local journeys. Going further is no problem either, with the standard combustion engine fed by a 45L petrol tank to take over on longer drives and delivering over 200 MPG.

Recharge anywhere with access to mains electricity; at home, at service stations with charging facilities, and at the growing number of public charging stations in urban and rural locations. Charging a flat battery up to 100% takes approximately 3.5 hours from a Wallbox (a £500 grant towards these is available for you to purchase your own), but the battery will also refuel during driving through regenerative braking.

The bold SUV body houses a versatile cabin, with adaptable rear seating allowing for extra leg room or sliding forward to create up to 645 litres of boot storage space – for everyone and everything joining you on your journey.

On the road from: £26,774 for plug-in hybrid models (also available as a mHEV diesel)

Ford Mustang Mach-E: The ultimate electric drive

All-electric range: 370 miles

Great for:  Zero emissions with zero range anxiety

The new Mach-E gives you all-electric, zero-emissions driving for hundreds of miles in a supercharged car that befits the Mustang name. Range anxiety is eliminated with the Mustang capable of up to 370 miles on a full charge, and for even greater distances, it’s possible to boost the battery from 10% to 80% in just 38 minutes at a high-powered charging station. Fuel costs are reduced significantly thanks to electricity’s cheaper per-unit price compared to petrol or diesel, and you’ll find further savings on road tax and congestion charges.

Dual electric motors power the front and rear wheel axles for (optional) all-wheel drive, giving a top speed of 111mph and 0-60mph in under 7 seconds to balance agile urban driving with effortless cruising capabilities. And because there’s no bulky petrol engine, there’s plenty of luggage space in the rear and under the bonnet – over 500L of storage in fact, even with the rear seats in play.

With its high-performing systems, spacious interior and the power to hold its own against any traditional drive, the Mach-E is one of the best electric vehicles around – well worth the investment if you’re upgrading to fully electric energy.

On the road from: £40,270*

Whatever your driving needs, there’s a hybrid or electric Ford to match. Explore the specs of new hybrid and electric models and build your dream, greener, car.